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Services and Programs

Executive and Professional Presentation Programs

Plus One Performance "Aha" Presentations Learn to Present with Ease. Enhance your natural strengths as a presenter. Improve your impact and ability to inform and influence by learning your strengths and becoming more audience-centered. Learning content includes an assessment of present skills, video feedback, how adults learn and remember, visual, vocal and non-verbal patterns and techniques, and design of audience-centered messages.

 Technical Presentation Skills: Art and Science of Presentations.  This flexible workshop is for technical professionals, accountants, lawyers and physicians who need to shore up their facilitation, communication, and presentation skills. Participants will learn how to design and deliver complex material in a more clear, concise and compelling manner.

One-on-One Executive Presentation Coaching. Review present delivery style and evaluate current skill level. Participate in review of past video presentations and videotape new approaches. Develop powerful, compelling and believable messages specific to your audience's needs. Learn new ways to connect with the audience and how to get your message across. Experience the unique Plus One Performance "interjective coaching" to facilitate learning in real time and improve your natural presentation style.

“The best communicators know that strong presentation skills are directly related to their overall career success.”
– Robert Heckman,  Allen Group

One-on-One Leadership Coaching. Leadership coaching is specifically designed to integrate personal development and career fulfillment in the business, family, or volunteer context. The process achieves results by exploring both personal and professionally communication styles, and barriers to creative thinking, decisions making, interpersonal relationships, and our impact on others. The process focuses on skills, knowledge and attitude that cause people to hesitate to take risks, be creative, and make difficult decisions - a major source of personal and organizational stress and ineffectiveness.

"I want you to know that not only were the messages we developed together for our new recruiting program a success, but the process and how to frame them in an interview  will result in long-lasting benefits for this firm and me.
— Bob Hickman, HR Director, Mcgladrey Pullen

Sales Training Programs

Partnership Selling. Learn to help people buy. Explore the proven skills of consultation, problem solving, team selling skills and solution selling. Uncover needs by establishing trust and credibility. Learning content includes: assessing needs and problems, active listening and questioning, managing time, writing an effective proposal, presenting a creative solution, and securing buyer agreement.

Winning Proposal and Presentation Strategies. Learn to think straight and speak straight. Develop key writing and speaking skills that will set you apart from the average salesperson. Produce more sales by helping customers save or make money. Learning content includes a customer-focused needs assessment called the RATER, a unique and proven proposal structure and template, and an effective delivery of presentations aligned with customer needs.

Annual Strategic Account Planning (ASAP). Learn to identify high potential accounts and grow your customer relations through assessing your team strengths, position, competition, differentiation and unique selling proposition.