PlusOne Performance Group


The Ten Points of Optimal Presentation State

  1. Put your audience first—presenting is persuasion and influence based on evidence and reliable facts before, during and after the speech. Rule # 1 be prepared to answer the top of the mind question—What’s in it for me (WII-FM) to listen to your presentation?
  2. Create a unique connect—build rapport and create psychologically comfort environment. Audiences need to know you care. Rule # 2 use the Make Me Feel Important (MMFI) feedback process.
  3. Get their attention—focus on their needs and wants not yours
  4. Manage your FEARS by using nervous energy in positive way—No Making Stuff up (MSU’s) and negative self-talk.  Try proven relaxation techniques.
  5. Follow proven structure for developing presentation—opening, main points and close.
  6. Use the stickiness approach—be clear, concise and compelling = Credibility
  7. Walk the Talk—present evidence based proof, realistic examples and stories.
  8. Remember that small things make a big difference—focus on the he 3V’s ( visual, verbal and vocal )
  9. Be responsive to Q/A—treat your audience as you would want to be treated if the positions were reversed
  10. Practice, practice, practice the right skills—Trust yourself and have fun.