PlusOne Performance Group

Interjective Coaching Process®

“Oh, what a great gift we would have if we could only see ourselves as others see us .” – Robert Burns

Interjective coaching represents the reframing of mental maps to understand that improving performance requires the ability to assess current performance and be open to feedback that can improve future performance levels. 

 The process focuses on providing support (focusing on strengths), and providing observational feedback in real time (focusing on areas for improvement--gestures, appearance, and obstacles/fears interfering with optimal performance), and taking action that aligns clear thinking with behavior. 
Interjective coaching is a process that promotes trust and open communication through caring confrontation. Interjective coaching is empathic understanding delivered through non-judgmental support. 

The skill-building process involves the following five components:

  1. Tell me how to do it (Give me the “know why” as well as the “know how”)
  2. Show me how to do it (Model the complete skill for me)
  3. Let me try it (One part at a time)
  4. Give me feedback (interjective coaching)
  5. Let me try again (re-practice the complete skill)

We offer a variety of custom-designed coaching, including the following:

  • Coaching packages within a presentation engagement
  • Coaching for individual leaders
  • Coaching to increase individual and/or team performance
  • Coaching workshops in which we teach peer-to-peer coaching.

Coaching cycles involve a combination of face-to-face and telephone sessions, including email contact between sessions if necessary.

The cost for coaching is based on the design of the cycle. If you would like to find out more about this, please contact us at