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Communication Nexus—Our Unique Difference

Communication is:  How to align ideas, insights and information to get things in sync with others.

You know that clear, concise and compelling communication is essential to your success. It's how you make things happen. It's how you get results, how you develop long-term relationships... and how you influence and motivate yourself and your team. It's critical to transferring knowledge and vision, inspiring others, and ultimately... driving the bottom line.

“This is the most worthwhile presentation seminar I have attended. The focus on my strengths has given more confidence to try new interactive exercises at my presentations. Thanks so much.”  — Senior Medical Director at Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center

Whether it's through sales presentations, speeches, and one-on-one interviews or performance reviews or meetings with clients – or your annual report, your sales collateral, or your web presence, your ability to connect with your audience is the last critical link between you and the results you want. And, developing the communication strategy and skills you need to make that happen takes more than simple public speaking seminars or presentation training. It's based on clarity and connection, and it thrives on authenticity. And these critical components begin with your awareness and choices.  The critical ingredient for success is your understanding of your positive assets and core belief in yourself...With your commitment to connect with others.

Excellence in speaking is an alignment between art, science and performance.  When it comes to the art of effective presentations you need confidence and clarity of expression and message.

“Using the P1P “caring confrontation model” and listening tools will most certainly help me improve my patient communication and hopefully satisfaction and outcomes.”— Jennifer Waters, Peer to Peer Learning Leader, NAMI

The science side involves process design, people reading, information gathering, planning, and mobilization in order to align speaker goals with audience needs.

Lastly, we provide speakers, presenters and facilitators with feedback through a unique process of Interjective Coaching. This is a process that focuses on strengths and positive performance assets, such as style, delivery and impact.

We are coaches who help you connect with yourself; others in groups from 1 to 1000. Our approach is diagnostic we never assume problems until seen or documented. Our coaches provide an assessment of strengths and then develop plans for improvement. 

 We look forward to connecting with you.